photo by Akiyoshi Kitagawa

愛媛県にある四万十川上流の山間で生まれ育つ。 音大在学中に電子音楽や現代音楽を制作しライブ活動を開始。2007年に1stアルバム『Mirror Flake』、 2011年に2ndアルバム『Your Thorn』を発表し、デンマークやオーストラリア、アジアでもライブ活動を展開。 昨年、映像作家の北川陽稔と共にマルチチャンネル音響インスタレーション作品『sidhe(シー)』を原宿VACANTにて上演。 60分のサウンドトラックをリリースした。 また、中島哲也監督の『告白』など、映画やTVCMへの楽曲提供、歌唱も行っている。

cokiyu was born and raised in rural prepecture, Ehime. In her musical college days, she had created works using the Max/MSP and composed contemporary music for voice and woodwind instruments, and percussion instruments. She had played live performance with many international artists such as Baths(anticon), Dot Allison, Natalia Lafourcade and AGF, and appeared at SPOT Festival ’09 (Denmark) and also recorded as vocalist with Bichi (hobby industries/aka: The Blue Foundation), Eberg, Robert Svensson (Mixtapes and Cellmates). Her debut album "Mirror Flake" was released in 2007 which was reissued in 2011. In the same year, 2nd album “Your Thorn” and "Your Thorn Remixes (incl. Shigeto, Opiate Remix etc.)" were released. and her songs were used on the movie "Confession : directed by Tetsuya Nakashima", Tokyo Motor Show, Canon's website etc. In 2013, a lot of media on web(Pitchfork, FADER etc) featured her EP "Haku" which she collaborated with Baths(anticon.). Upcoming release will be scheduled in 2018.